Aaron Fechter is the creator of the Rock-afire Explosion animatronic characters that performed in hundreds of entertainment centers and amusement parks such as Showbiz Pizza Place and Chuck E. Cheese since 1975.

Aaron's long held secrets of animatronics are revealed to those who become one of his "experimenters" through the building of this kit.  This kit will start you on your way to becoming the creator of your own animatronic ideas, characters and shows. 

Aaron is personally available for questions and help while building his kit through email, videos, telephone, and any other means necessary to help you sucessfully complete this kit and have fun with it.

Additional consultation is available to take you beyond the scope of this kit.

Become Aaron's next protégé animatronic expert with a small investment and discover the fun of building animatronics, recording the soundtrack, programming the movements and videotaping your creation for the world to enjoy.

One of Aaron's "experimenters", Mark Dillon, used his kit to create the character he calls Elfvis as part of his Christmas display.  We are proud to show the results of his work here.

The Rock-afire Explosion, Aaron's animatronic rock band consists of 100's of movements and lights and directly evolved from the very concepts presented in Aaron's kit.  By building this kit, you are following the exact steps Aaron took to learn what it takes to create a Disney quality (or better) animatronic show.  The sky's the limit, and here's your start.

The kit is $399.95 and shipping within the continental U.S. is $20.  Sales tax for Florida residents is an additonal $26.00.  You may place your order through PayPal by using the PayPal button or by sending a check to:
Creative Engineering, Inc.
47 W. Jefferson St.
Orlando, FL 32801

You may call or write with questions: 407-425-1001

Please allow 60 to 90 days for delivery of your kit.  I personally hand craft each of these kits as they are ordered and customize each one with name and serial number of the owner right on the front control panel as